Summer yet to come

It has been a few days since I last blogged. I wrote about not being listed on So this time there have been a couple of very good things happening in my life that I would like to blog about.

The best thing is that I wrote my last exam of this semester today. That means no more school until first October :) Man, this is my personal start of summer. When I got back home today, I received the long awaited Windows 7 Shirt that I won on So this is me wearing it.


I wanted to do that with the DevExpress Shirt as well, unfortunately I did have it around. So thanks again, guys of I was mentioning and how I got upset about it in my last post. Somehow things changed and how I am successfully listed on bing, like you can see on the screenshot below. I could be ranked first, like I am on another big search engine, but I am really happy that I got ranked at all.


Now I can not say anything bad about bing anymore and continued using it mainly and with satisfaction. But this is not the only thing that was happening an my site in the web. While I was writing exams, I did not want to manually check my marks every time, so I updated my NotenChecker application. I wrote that three or four semesters ago but it stopped working. The reason was an update of the web service of the Hochschule Karlsruhe. So I released a new version of that app and also included a few features like automatic checking every two minutes. I changed the UI a little to make it look new and started using it.


So every time I get a new mark, the tool notifies me. It does so by sitting in the system tray and showing balloon-tooltips.


If you are a student on the HSKA, you can download the tool from

My plans for the summer include working on a few private projects. I want to finish CrossWordMatcher and start a Silverlight 3 project of locating “things” that are connected perfectly on an area. I intend to provide this commercially. I also plan on using these two applications as reference projects when I am applying for a bachelor thesis, which I am starting in two or three weeks. I still have not read “Gödel Escher Bach”, so I need to do that as well.

Alright, this is it for this post. If you do not already, please follow me on If you know me and the other way round, please provide your Skype name. Yes, I installed it again.