Why am I not listed at bing.com?

I am having English exams next week so I am trying to post this in English to maybe improve my writing. I also figured that this way I get correct spellchecking. Although I found the settings, Windows Live Writer did not let me choose German here.


Anyway, another advantage of getting this text out in English is hopefully resulting in more people reading it. When Microsoft linked www.live.com to www.bing.com I tried to use Bing as my major search engine. Before that I already knew about it, but I kept using live and another well-known se. So Bing “came out” for me that day and I ended up wondering, why I am not listed. My primary website is www.neokc.de and I could not find a single reference to it.


When I was searching for “neokc.de” I found at least some entries of this blog. Searching for my name resulted in finding my twitter profile at www.twitter.com/halllo and my Windows Live Profile. So I am listed. What is not listed is my website and this a big deal for me.


So I signed in at the Webmaster Center of Bing. This looked all promising so in spite of minor doubts I went through the website authentication process. I do not even know why I made authentication code blur, since you can see that on my websites meta information. Anyway, I had my website authenticated. At least it looked like it.


After that I was wondering why there was no data appearing in Bings crawling summary. So I went forth to see whether any crawling issue happened. What I am seeing in the issue list is a file not found HTTP result. This is very weird because my website is totally accessible by any browser or other search engines.


I was opening the HTTP verifier, which is http://www.microsoft.com/search/Tools/default.aspx, to figure out what the problem is and why Bing is claiming to not be able to find my site. The HTTP status code that I get is “200 OK”, as expected. The thing that is confusing me since, is the result of HTTP conditional GET. I says that it is not enabled. I do not really know what that means so I am going to find out.


I am hosting at http://all-inkl.com. If anybody can help on this matter, please feel free to contact me, preferably on twitter at www.twitter.com/halllo. If I get any information about if it is really that, that keeps Bing from indexing me, I am going to post again.

Have a nice day.


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